14,3828,75 inc. BTW

The Beef Binded Neck you should roast in the oven at 160°C for 40 minutes per piece of 1KG.

17,4534,90 inc. BTW

For medium grill the Chateau Briand 4 minutes one side and 3 minutes the other side.

22,4544,90 inc. BTW

24,9549,90 inc. BTW

The Schenkel is essentially the softest cut of meat; however, you have to cook it for 3-5 hours. Hence, it is also highly recommended for the “Chulent”

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At Kosher Meat EU we provide high quality Belgian cattle, Freshly Frozen class A poultry, and the finest hand-crafted charcuterie made in our shop.

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You can call us before placing your order with questions and personal requests. On our part at Kosher Meat EU we promise you to be of utmost help.

You can call us at 003232394189.
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Our Kashrut

All our meat is GLATT kosher and is exclusively under the supervision of the KSH. The over 200 year old Jewish Community of Antwerp – Shomre Hadas.


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