11,0022,00 inc. BTW

13,4744,90 inc. BTW

Please note the weight of entrecote you choose is of one piece.

17,4534,90 inc. BTW

For medium grill the Chateau Briand 4 minutes one side and 3 minutes the other side.

12,4524,90 inc. BTW

22,4544,90 inc. BTW

Just grill it a few minutes to your liking. For medium grill it 2 minutes each side.

17,4534,90 inc. BTW

13,3826,75 inc. BTW

The Spare Ribs can be cooked or baked. Cooked: 2-3 hours. Baked: Option 1: 3 hours at 150°C – 170°C Option 2: Start off 1.5 hours at 140°C and continue for 2.5 hours at 120°C Option 3: Ideal for best result. Bake it at 110°C for 7 hours (Assado style!)

19,9539,90 inc. BTW

35,9053,88 inc. BTW

14,3828,75 inc. BTW